What is the link between triathlon and HR-recruitment?

slide tri as In the biggest triathlon competitions, such as the IRONMAN®, more than 2000 athletes participate. Those who may look quickly, are not necessarily the ones that will finish the race at first or even reach their best personal performance.


slide tri es Who really chose the wisest strategy proves after several hours. To find the Champions in advance, one needs accurate monitoring of all participants, an exact weighting and also a fine feeling. To find the best "athletes" before the race starts, that’s our job!


slide tri irpo No lasting success without using a method! If the training was not the right, reaching the finish line is difficult. Without a food strategy, athletes run out of energy before reaching the goal. The right method and the strategy define the road to success. With our experience and our mix of different recruitment methods you are sure to get to where you want to be- guaranteed!